With great power comes great productivity.

TimeHero Premium lets you plan out entire projects in seconds, repeat the work you do often, and automate reporting.

Save time, increase quality

If you work with clients, you run through a process with them. If you do any kind of accounting or reporting, you have processes. If you plan events or have regular similar projects, you have a process. TimeHero templates let you capture that process, and with a few clicks plan out all the work, assigned to the right people.

Save time by not reinventing the wheel, get instant insight for whether or not the project timeline is realistic, ensure that nothing falls through the cracks.

TimeHero Premium comes with unlimited templates, giving you the freedom to use this power with every aspect of your work.

What's better than a repeating task?

TimeHero's repeating tasks, that's what. They're the key to intelligent productivity. Simply add the work you need to do on a regular basis, and see it planned in your TimeHero calendar.

Powerful scheduling plans weekly and monthly tasks when you're able to work on them, alongside the rest of your work. So you never get overloaded.

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Tracking time is a pain. So we do it for you.

Track time without needing to track time. As you complete tasks, TimeHero automatically builds timesheets separated by project and folder. On a team? No problem – reports are also broken down by team member.

Reports to work smarter.

Live Gantt view

Real time, auto-updating Gantt charts showing project progress and task dependencies.

Automatic timesheets

Automatically generated timesheets for people, projects, and folders – exportable with one click.

Easy team planning

Gain visibility into your teams' workflow for full task transparency and workload capacity.

What is everyone's plan for today?

Visualize who's doing what for today – or the next week or two. Use TimeHero's automatically-generated workload chart to plan more effectively. See who's overloaded, and who's going to need work. Reduce time spent in update meetings, and be confident that everyone's working on the right priorities.

How is TimeHero different?

Existing tools
Task lists, to-do's, project management
Your team only works on tasks as the due dates creep up. Things sometimes slip through the cracks or don't get done on time or at all. It's often a scramble to get everything done.
Due date driven
With most software, tasks only have a due date and priority. Many want you to use the due date as the “do” date, leaving little time to react to changes and many things missed or overdue.
Don’t know when to do the work
The main problem with due date driven systems is that it's up to you to figure out when to work on which task. You need to spend time and effort to work out which tasks are more important or more urgent than others.
No visibility into workload
Work from different sources have different priorities and all compete for your time and attention. When you're left to plan your own work it becomes difficult to know how busy you'll be today, and how busy you'll be later. This increases the risk of missing deadlines.
Adaptive work management system
Be proactive
With tasks and projects pre-planned, it's easy for everyone to see what's planned and what's at risk of not being completed so that adjustments can be made before it's too late.
Plan as early as possible
TimeHero will automatically schedule tasks as early as possible given all your other work and events. If you're overbooked, we'll let you know and you can reassign work, adjust estimates, or change work hours.
Know exactly when to work on what
TimeHero does the prioritization and planning for you, so all you need to think about is actually doing your work.
See current and forecasted capacity
All your work is considered when TimeHero plans your schedule – so you know what you're working on today and what's coming up next week, next month, and even next year. This makes it easy to agree to take on new work, and forecast when it will get done.

Automated time planning for everyone



TimeHero schedules tasks from your simple to-do list, considering any Google and Office 365 Calendar events.

Up to 2 users
Up to 2 users
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Inbox to-do list
Auto-scheduled tasks
Google integration
Office 365 integration
Assign tasks


Schedule work with unlimited organization and features to help your work better with your team.

per month for a
team of five
+ $10/month per additional person
(billed annually)
per month for a
team of five
+ $12/month per additional person
(billed monthly)
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Everything in Basic, plus
Projects & folders
File attachments
2 project templates
Slack integration
Zapier integration


Smart reports and tracking, plus unlimited project templates and repeating tasks to automate your planning.

per month
per person
No minimum team size
(billed annually)
per month
per person
No minimum team size
(billed monthly)
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Everything in Pro, plus
Repeating tasks
Unlimited templates
Team workload view
Gantt view


Custom dashboards, advanced permission management, branding, priority support, and more!

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Everything in Premium, plus
Custom dashboards
User rights control
White label branding
Dedicated manager
Priority support