TimeHero is the only productivity tool that combines your tasks and events into one calendar and automatically schedules your work around your events and meetings.  With TimeHero, you can see where you're at with all of your projects, know you're behind before you're overdue, and bring projects on track before it's too late. Working with a team is a lot easier when you use TimeHero. Leverage TimeHero's collaboration tools to share files, add comments, and assign tasks - keeping everything in one place and focused on tasks. TimeHero will help you:

- Automatically plan your day
- Block time for tasks in your calendar
- Prioritize and schedule your tasks
- Better manage your team
- Keep track of all of your work
- Adjust to any changes in your schedule
- See when a project might be falling behind before it's too late.

Let's face it, a lot of projects fail but with TimeHero, you will always see what projects are at risk, making the necessary adjustments before that happens. You'll be able to see what you and your teams work capacity is with TimeHero's flex factor so you always know if you have room to take on more work.
Why timehero?
All of your work in one place.

Schedule your tasks and meetings, collaborate with your team and clearly see an overview of everything you're working on in one place to ensure every project is successful. TimeHero acts like your own personal assistant, automatically scheduling your tasks and making sure you're always on track with each project. Collaborating with your team on your projects has never been easier. 

Reduce the time it takes planning.

TimeHero intelligently prioritizes and schedules the work you have to do and takes into consideration the hours you work, your events and each tasks due dates. The reconciler in TimeHero will always remind you when something should have been completed, prompting you to reschedule or assign uncompleted tasks. TimeHero's Flex Factor keeps you aware of just how busy you really are so you know if you can afford to take on a new project or attend a meeting while still hitting all of your deadlines.

Forecast Project Success.

Look into a project's future and see an accurate forecast of when a project will be completed. TimeHero's project forecast shows you in real-times when tasks are scheduled factoring in things like vacations, meetings, work hours, task dependencies to provide early warning for overdue projects. You will always see an overview of your workload so you know when the best times to take on new projects is. If a project is at risk of failing, you'll have early warning with TimeHero giving you time to proactively adjust and bring your project back on track.
Timehero vs. everyone else:
So much more than a to-do list. To-do lists are great but how do you know WHEN to do the work? You don't. That's where TimeHero comes in. Tools like Wunderlist, Trello and Asana help you keep track of what you need to get done but did you know that you can schedule these tasks? TimeHero takes your tasks and finds time in your schedule based on the durations, due dates and priorities you set so you and your team always know WHEN to do the work. TimeHero even goes a step further and imports your tasks from to-do list apps you already use, like Asana. Import your Asana tasks and TimeHero will give them an automatic 30 minute duration (which you can adjust later), find time in your schedule and make sure nothing falls through the cracks. Connect the calendar tools you already use and TimeHero will schedule your tasks around your events and meetings, eliminating the time it takes to manually plan your schedule.

The ultimate project manager. TimeHero will give you real-time, highly accurate metrics for how on track your project is taking everything that needs to get done for each team member, and scheduling it around their events and work hours. Project Workflow templates are a powerful tool TimeHero has created. These are a series of linked, scheduled smart tasks that you create once. Once the template is created, all you have to do is launch it each time you have to go through this process — saving you the hours it would usually take to manually plan each of these projects out in a project management tool.
Customer profiles:
Photographers: Photography studios know there is a ton of work to do before and after a single frame is even taken. From client meetings and location scouting to editing, backups and client retention all of these tasks need to get done on time. They rely heavily on repeatable processes as well as managing creative work, business, and operational tasks. TimeHero allows studios to schedule multiple step client projects over many months using triggerable workflow templates in minutes not weeks. TimeHero not only communicates real-time workload and risk levels but they can see months in advance if they should take on new work.

Project Managers: Managing multiple projects takes a lot of time and for project managers who work with a team, managing that team takes even more time. TimeHero takes the guess work out of planning work across these teams by providing an overview of who is working on what so you always know who can take on more work. With TimeHero's project forecast view, project managers will always be aware of projects that are at risk of failing before it's too late.
Marketing Managers: From managing marketing campaigns to finding time for those last minute meetings, TimeHero is the easiest ways for marketers to stay on top of all of their work and ensure that no task is missed. Often times Marketers work with other teams within their companies and this results in a lot of wasted time in meetings or searching through emails. Marketers can get out of their inbox by leveraging TimeHero's collaboration tools to keeps everything in one place.

Sales Teams: Time awareness is important to sales teams and TimeHero is the best way for Sales teams to keep on top of their sales process. TimeHero provides notifications to communicate what they should be working on and will act as their own personal assistant, keeping them on track of where they are at with respect to their sales goals.

Event Planners: Planning events can be a repetative process. With TimeHero, Event Planners can create Project Workflow templates for all of their event types. They set up these templates once and easily trigger it every time they have a new event saving them hours of time scheduling tasks and meetings. TimeHero is the best way for Event Planners to keep track of all of the work they have to do for every single event and have an overview of their workload. 

Getting Started with TimeHero:

Setting up your TimeHero account:

Creating your team:
 When you create an account, the first thing you will be asked to do is create a team. Type in the name of your team and click create. Do you have a side project? Sit on a board? Manage a sports team? TimeHero wants to keep all of the work you do in one place so you can  make multiple teams for all of the hats you wear! Once you have created your team invite your team members by clicking the Invite button and typing in their email address.

Setting up your work-hours: Tell TimeHero when you work and that’s how the system knows when to schedule your tasks. Open the My Work Hours builder in the bottom left of your screen and select the times and days you want to work. Choose which teams you want to include and this is when TimeHero will schedule tasks from the selected teams. Need to take an afternoon off? No problem — in your calendar view you can click and drag the work hours for that day to the time you'll be off and TimeHero will automatically adjust your schedule. 

Connecting your calendars: TimeHero connects with tools you already use like Google Calendar, G Suite, Outlook, Microsoft Exchange, and Office 365. Once your calendars are connected you can lock events so that tasks will not be scheduled during that time. Do you want to connect your team members calendars? No problem — select those calendars and make sure to select 'work during events'. This way tasks can still be scheduled around the events. You can toggle visibility of your calendars in the right sidebar of your calendar view.

Projects and Workflow Projects:

Once you have your TimeHero account set up, you're going to want to add your work into your account. Tasks live in projects which live in folders — so to properly set up your workspace you will need to start by creating folders. When you first create your account, you will be prompted to create a folder.  You can also create folders from the "NEW" button in the top right of your screen.

Creating Projects: You can create an unlimited amount of projects in TimeHero. To create a new project you can use the “NEW” button in the top right corner of most screens and select project. From there you will be asked to select the Team you want the project to go in and then the folder.

Custom columns: If you have a lot of tasks in a project that could be grouped by similar attributes, so that you can easily see related tasks and prioritize accordingly, meet your new best friend: custom project columns. You can add any custom column you would like to track your work. For example: if you write a blog, use custom columns to track the status of your tasks.

Creating a Workflow Project: Workflow projects are a series of linked, scheduled, smart tasks. Create a workflow project templates once and launch it with one click every time you have to go through that process. Go to Workflow Templates in your team, hit that 'Add new' button, and add your workflow to TimeHero. 

Marketplace: The TimeHero marketplace is filled with workflow project templates created by industry professionals. Search the marketplace for templates you might find useful. Add these templates to your team, make any necessary adjustments and then simply launch them with the click of a button.

Key Dates: This is a calendar view of all of the tasks and events in a specific project or workflow project. Toggle between due and scheduled dates to see an overview of all of the tasks within that specific project.

Reports: TimeHero gives you a real-time forecast of when tasks are scheduled to be worked on – not just when they are due. The project forecast factors in vacations, meetings, appointments, work hours, task dependencies, priorities and more to provide early warning for overdue projects. Proactively adjust resources to get things back on track and save time and money on missed deadlines.

Adding Tasks:

TimeHero uses natural language processing to add your tasks. Type in the task name, give it a duration and a due date, press enter and your task will be added. There are a few different ways you can add your tasks to TimeHero, making it as easy as possible for you to get your work into the system.

"NEW" Button:  There is a "NEW" button in the top right corner of most screens - you can use this to add tasks, projects, folders, team members, and more depending on which screen you're looking at.

Directly into a project or workflow project: Navigate to the project or workflow project you want to add your tasks to and select + Add a task. Type in your tasks, give it a duration and due date, hit enter.

Click and drag: If you are in the calendar view and you want to add a pinned task, click and drag where you want that task to go. Type in the task details and hit enter.

Assigning Tasks: There are a few ways to assign tasks in TimeHero. When creating the task type "@{assignee name}" or "assign to {name}" and the team member will be notified that a task has been assigned. You will also have the option to delegate a task in your task reconciler and by clicking the team member image in the assigned column of your projects. Remember to always give your tasks durations so that TimeHero can schedule those tasks.

Task Details:

With TimeHero, you can keep all of the work you have to do in one place. The Task Details pane allows you to give the task a description, track the status, set a start or due date, the duration, who the task is assigned to and the location.

Activity Feed: You can use the activity feed for your task to track discussions, changes in priority, due dates or durations. File attachments can also be added here. 

Subtasks: Each task can have it's own subtasks that are assignable and can be scheduled. These tasks can be assigned to different team members and will take on the due date of the parent task.

TimeHero Calendar:

View your tasks and your events in one of TimeHero's calendar views. You can select Agenda, Day, Week, Month or even Year and see an overview of your schedule. Click on a task or event in your calendar to open the details. Switch between days by selecting the arrows on either side of Today in the top or navigate to a a day using the calendar in the right sidebar.

Flex Factor: You will see a number on each day in your calendar views. This is your Flex Factor. This is your score for each day ranging from 0 to 100 and lets you know how flexible you can be with your time for that day. TimeHero Flex Factor considers the due dates and priorities of your tasks so you may have a full day of tasks but a Flex Factor of 69. This just means that if something comes up, you can reschedule those tasks without missing the due date.

Create events right in TimeHero and keep everything in one place. Invite members of your team, attach files, create subtasks and include a location.

Create an event: You can create an event in your calendar view by clicking and dragging where you want to add the event and selecting event. Type in the event name and location. You can also add an event from the "NEW" button at the top right.

Locking events: If you event is locked, this means work cannot be scheduled at this time. If you have an event that you just need to be aware of, maybe part of your teams calendar, you can set the event to unlocked and TimeHero will schedule tasks at this time. You can adjust this on each event but click the lock icon in the top corner.

Recurring events: Do you have events that recur every week or maybe ever day? Maybe a weekly update meeting? TimeHero allows you to easily create recurring events easily by selecting the day the event takes place and how often. You can also set the end date for the recurring event.

Sync events: If you have connected one of your calendars, you can sync TimeHero events back to those calendars by selecting sync in the event details.

Task Reconciler:

Whenever you have tasks that should have been completed the Task Reconciler will pop up at the bottom of the screen to remind you. TimeHero has given you a few different options for how you can reconcile your tasks.

Mark as complete: Pretty simple, if you completed the task check this off. If it took you more or less time than you estimated, you can update the duration here.

Add more time: Sometimes we underestimate how long it takes us to work on a task. This is where you can add more time.

Delegate: Perhaps your plate is too full and you don't have time to get to it it but someone else on your team can, delegate to another team member.

Reschedule: If you select reschedule TimeHero will automatically find the best time to work on that task. You can also select start now if you want to work on this task right away or snooze the task to start later.

Additional resources:

For more information about TimeHero, please visit our Knowledge Base, watch our Getting Started videos or contact our support team.

Phone: +1.888.564.HERO (4376)