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Video Template

Video Project Template

This template is will schedule approximately 24hrs work. This is ideal for an individual or a team.

This is a fast video project template for you and the team. As with all TimeHero templates once you add them to your account they are youWe know that this template  cover all ythe bases for your particular business are to give you a template that you can take and use as is, or use it as the launching pad for your own personalized custom template for you and the team.

Steps in this workflow


  • Create a project folder in Google Drive
  • Define the big idea
  • Create a rough draft of the script
  • Create the story board
  • Create shot list


  • Create a budget spreadsheet in google drive
  • Establish budget for the production


  • Create a visual asset list


  • Book production day
  • Shoot Day
  • Shoot footage

Post production 

  • Create a quick edit of all shots
  • Create a rough production
  • Final Edits
  • Client sign off 


  • Export in various sizes and qualities
  • Share template publicly on blog
  • Add to Youtube
  • Add to Vimeo
  • Post to Facebook

Tracking success

  • 48hr - Track and Report
  • 7 day  - Track and Report
  • 14 day - Track and Report
  • 30 day - Track and Report

Import  Template