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Wedding planners template

Wedding planners template

This template is will schedule approximately All aspects of the wedding plan from initial planning to post wedding followup. This is ideal for an individuals or a team who want to plan lots of weddings.

This is a template helps the wedding planner keep track of all the deliverables for the weddings they plan. As with all TimeHero templates once you add them to your account they are yours. You have complete freedom to add/change edit till it is just perfect for you.  Use it as is or as the the launching pad for your own personalized custom template. 

Steps in this workflow

New Client

  • Meet with Client
  • Prepare proposal
  • Send proposal
  • Follow up
  • Prepare invoice
  • Send first invoice
  • Prepare budget for bride
  • Prepare secret Pinterest board for client
  • Meeting #2 with Client
  • Vendor Plan

Floral Vendor 

  • Book floral appointment and notify client
  • Floral Appointment 
  • Order flowers
  • Second floral appointments 
  • Remind bride to pay florist

DJ/Live Entertainment

  • Notify client (DJ/live entertainment)
  • Hire DJ/Entertainment
  • Research colours
  • Rental Company Meeting #1
  • Notify client (rental company)
  • Rental Company Meeting
  • Order rental equipment

Cake Vendor

  • Cake Tasting
  • Notify client (cake vendor)
  • Order cake


  • Research venue based on wedding size
  • Venue Appointment
  • Notify client (venue)
  • Notify client (meal tasting)
  • Research church based on size and requirements
  • Book church

Graphic Design/Printing

  • Book meeting with graphic designer
  • Design save the dates
  • Design invitations
  • Design menu
  • Design table numbers
  • Design signage
  • Design seating chart
  • Transportation
  • Prepare transportation needs
  • Book limo/shuttle
  • Accommodations 
  • Coordinate room blocks
  • Follow up with hotel
  • Send list to everyone who has booked to bride

Wedding Prep

  • Prepare wedding favours
  • Prepare wedding day schedule
  • Coordinate with the hall
  • Hire staff
  • Decorate hall
  • Wedding 

Post Wedding 

  • Go back to hall
  • Ask photographers for photos
  • Send anniversary gift


  • Collect invoices from vendors
  • Send invoice to client
  • Pay vendors
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