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Leading creative agencies use TimeHero to maximise their productivity

Case studies

Jonathon Zoch, video professional and founding director of InspireWorks, went from day-to-day uncertainty to forecasting and forward planning better than ever before.

"It's a system that the team loves using which makes onboarding quick and easy. TimeHero has become the most popular cloud-based tool in our studio.  And that’s a big call for us.”

Jonathon implemented TimeHero across his entire team with all Inspirework's client projects. His team loves:

• The algorithm that finds availability for his team 
• Throwing away timesheets
• The contemporary design and interface

Joby Ingram-Dodd, founder and CEO of London Surf Ltd., uses TimeHero to save time and money by taking the thinking out of planning.

“TimeHero removes the stress of knowing what to do when. It gives me freedom to get on and trust that the system will make sure everything is scheduled to be done on time."

His most-used features:

• Powerful project functionality
• Automated daily planning and scheduling
• Gantt view to see project progress and roadblocks

"Easiest Project Management I've Used!"
– Christopher Stanley, Founder, IA Path

"Great software, easy to use and makes my life easier"
–Amy Kapernick, Front End Ninja, AimHigher Web Design

"Automation Brilliance In a Time Management App"
–Verified LinkedIn reviewer

Take on 30% more clients

Increase deadlines hit by 50%

Improve team efficiency by 70%

"I'm loving TimeHero. It's saving me hours in shuffling time blocks for teams."

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Predictive client reports

Don't get caught in project oblivion! Crush more deadlines by using burndown and Gantt charts to get a quick snapshot of your client projects' progress and predicted success.

TimeHero integrates with G Suite, Google Calendar, Outlook, Exchange and Office 365

Lightning-quick project scheduling

Save hours of your day by planning entire projects in seconds and scheduling them instantly across your team! Don't believe us? Check out our video demonstrating the process!

"The template feature allows me to focus on work instead of scheduling."
– Verified LinkedIn reviewer

Team task visibility

Never waste time in check-in meetings again! Ensure your team is focused on what's most vital by easily toggling between your teammates' work schedules with team task visibility.

TimeHero integrates with G Suite, Google Calendar, Outlook, Exchange and Office 365

Auto task scheduling

Tired of trying to figure out what you need to do today? Get a daily, optimized list of tasks you need to accomplish to ensure you meet all client deadlines. Didn't get everything done? No worries! TimeHero automatically reschedules your tasks and notifies you if tasks are at-risk.

"The autoscheduling is amazing, I can book in specific things where needed but it does most of the work for me."
– Amy Kapernick, Front End Ninja, AimHigher Web Design

TimeHero integrates with G Suite, Google Calendar, Outlook, Exchange and Office 365

Follow & assign tasks

Say goodbye to never-ending email threads by assigning and following tasks. No more hours of sifting through messages, TimeHero keeps you in the loop by notifying you when task details change!

"Timehero makes it so easy to assign to team members, get updates, and share files."
– Christopher Stanley, Founder, IA Path

Auto-updating timesheets

Save headaches and resources with accurate, filterable timesheets. Updated automatically, you'll never have to bug your team again!

TimeHero integrates with G Suite, Google Calendar, Outlook, Exchange and Office 365

Task & event activity log

In a mad scramble to find the slides for a client presentation? Not with TimeHero! Use activity log to share and keep track everything you need to get the job done.

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Questions and concerns

How is TimeH‍‍‍ero different than other task/project management tools?

TimeHero is the only productivity tool that provides you with an optimized list of tasks you need to work on to ensure you meet all client deadlines. TimeHero schedules tasks in your calendar around events, based on priorities, deadlines and your other work. Say goodbye to doing all your work the day its due! Also, we provide predictive reports, so you see if a project is going off track before it's too late.

What happens if I wait?

Without TimeHero, your team will continue to extend or miss deadlines. You will continue to be unaware of your projects' progress, and on what your team is working on. Also, if you wait, you won't receive a complimentary training call worth $200.

Who are you guys anyways?

We're a group of designers, developers and business-techys committed to improving work processes and boosting productivity.

How do I implement this with my team?

Once signed up, you can add members to your TimeHero team by email. We recommend signing up for a free training session to speed up the learning curve for your team.

How do I get started?

Click here! You get a free, unlimited 14-day trial of our Standard plan! Try out TimeHero risk-free, no credit card required, and take advantage of our in-app support and demos available on request.

What's included in the training session?

1. Quick demo with a fleshed-out TimeHero account.
2. Dive into more detail with any features you find interesting (project templates, integrations, etc.)
3. Answer any questions or concerns you may have.
4. Bring your new TimeHero team into the world.

What do you integrate with?

TimeHero integrates with calendar tools from Google and Microsoft, so your team has a central location to automate and manage work. We also connect to over 1000 popular applications to capture and schedule tasks using Zapier. Plus, get started quickly by importing projects from Asana.

What if I want to cancel during my trial? Will I be charged?

Nope! Sign-up for a free, unlimited 14-day trial with no credit card required.

What if I'm not technical?

No worries! We offer demos and training sessions to help with the learning process. We also have videos and written guides to help you and your team be successful.

How much does it cost to use?

Instead of hiring personal assistant on an annual salary, TimeHero is affordable for growing teams. Our prices range from $12-60 per user, per month.

Will this really work for me?

Yes! TimeHero is a digital, productivity tool especially built for agile, creative agencies. It will help you and your team stay on track with client projects, and improve your efficiency to take on even more. Our training sessions and guides will ensure your team is successful.

How does TimeHero scheduling work?

TimeHero schedules your tasks based on your availability, events planned, due date and priority. TimeHero also automatically reconciles and reschedules past tasks that didn't get done, so nothing falls through the cracks!

Who uses TimeHero?

Although used by a range of teams and professionals from many disciplines, TimeHero is best suited for small to medium sized creative agencies. Teams with many client projects on the go experience the best outcomes from TimeHero.

How often are timesheets updated?

Timesheets are automatically updated. No more manually updating excel spreadsheets!

Can I be notified if a project is falling off track?

Yes. TimeHero will notify you if projects are falling off track within the app, as well via email notifications. We also offer an IOS app that will notify you when tasks are overdue.

How long are you offering it at these prices?

Prices are scheduled to increase in the upcoming quarter, as further features are added to TimeHero. Be an early-bird, and lock in a lower price.

Do I have to provide payment information up front?

Nope! We do not ask for your credit card information when you sign up for TimeHero. You start out with a free, unlimited 14-day trial.

If I want to add more employees to our plan in the future, how would I do that?

TimeHero grows with your company! When you're logged into TimeHero, just select “Team settings” from your user menu to add users at any time. Your invoice will be prorated for the additional seats for the remaining period of your subscription.

What payment options are available?

We accept any major credit card. For subscriptions with over 50 members, we can issue an invoice payable by check.

What happens to my information when I subscribe?

All your projects and history are saved in your account when you subscribe after your trial.

What happens if it doesn’t work for me?

We offer a 30-Day-Money-Back-Guarantee after your trial!

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Project management
Automatic task scheduling
Kanban board view
Automatic timesheets
Smart templates
Live Gantt charts
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G Suite, Office 365 calendars
Zapier integration (connect with over 1000 apps)
Chat support


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Everything in Standard
Repeating monthly projects
Time billing
Project budget and forecast
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Dropbox, Google Drive
Priority support


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Two-factor authentications
IT-controlled admin permissions
Dedicated account manager
Access to workflow consultants
API Access
Custom reporting
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