Works with
G Suite
Office 365

Schedule tasks and events together

Powerful task and project management solution that keeps you on track by using intelligent algorithms to prioritize and plan your day.

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Like having your own assistant

TimeHero plans your day around your events, priorities and work schedules. Your tasks are alive and react instantly to changes in events, task status and priorities.  You’ll never have to ask what should I be working on again!

Intelligent task scheduling

Powerful workflow templates with intelligent auto-scheduling built in

Task automation makes it easy to run projects with dependencies and schedule them way in advance. Large repetitive projects can be started and fully scheduled in minutes.

TimeHero integrates with G Suite, Google Calendar, Outlook, Exchange and Office 365

What can you do with TimeHero?

Work together to do more

Leverage our collaboration tools to share files, add comments, and assign tasks. Keep everything in one place and conversation focused on the work being done.

See the big picture

See which tasks are holding up a project and get a clear picture of where everything is at with Gantt charts that are automatically updated in real time.

Forecast project completion

See projects at risk?  Keep them on track. With automatically scheduled tasks for your team, you get real-time predictive data and intelligent suggestions to keep projects on track.

Know how busy you really are!

Calendar heatmaps show where crunch time is for you and your team, so you can make better decisions for hiring, vacations, and taking on new work.

Automatic reporting

Compare time spent vs time estimated across all your projects. Instant, real-time timesheets. Streamline and automate project reporting.

Track time like never before! 

Time tracking directly from your desktop to TimeHero, accurate and seamless. Coming soon!