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Plan all your work in one place

Anything you need to do from simple to-do lists, large projects to random follow ups, can all be planned and managed together. TimeHero automatically reschedules your tasks as new events or tasks get added to your workload. So you’re always on top of what's most important and everything stays on track.

TimeHero integrates with G Suite, Google Calendar, Outlook, Exchange and Office 365

Automate project planning

TimeHero doesn't just tell you when you should work on your tasks. You’ll visually see tasks change colour and TimeHero will send you push notifications as they approach their due date, indicating the urgency to get them done.

Tasks in projects can be linked together to create scheduling dependencies. Create repeatable templates for the work you do all the time. Schedule and reschedule projects in seconds.

Reduce stress and feel on top of your work

No matter what you do, you have things that you need to get done. TimeHero is there to help you feel less overwhelmed and more on top of your work than ever before.  

Connect with the tools you already use

The average business uses over 10 apps to get work done. With so many tools, it can be a struggle to get them working in tandem. TimeHero integrates with tools from Google and Microsoft, so your team has a central location to automate and manage work.

Do even more! Connect to over 1000 popular applications to capture and schedule tasks using Zapier.

Scheduling millions of hours for professionals globally

Be more productive.
Less effort. More doing.

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