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What you can do with TimeHero

Plan tasks automatically

Plan team projects in seconds

Schedule repeating tasks

Gain visibility into team capacity

A clear path to get everything done.

TimeHero’s magic is that it automatically builds an action plan for when to work on what, based on your current availability. If things change, tasks are automatically rescheduled into the future while keeping you aware of the impact and risk level.

Connect your calendar and TimeHero can plan tasks around your meetings and events, so you have an accurate view of what you can get done today.

  • Know exactly what to do next
  • Easily stay focused on goals and objectives
  • Sync your Office 365 or Google calendars

Easily identify risk and manage priorities

See instantly if a task changes in risk as it approaches it’s deadline with little or no time to be rescheduled.

Plan repeating tasks around other work

Schedule important work that needs to be done daily, weekly, monthly and more. TimeHero will optimize your plan to get daily work done alongside your other priorities.

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I love that I just create all the tasks and TimeHero makes sure my team executes them.

Reduce stress and feel on top of your work

No matter what you do, you have things that you need to get done. TimeHero is there to help you feel less overwhelmed and more on top of your work than ever before.  

Automatic reporting

Track time without needing to track time. As you complete tasks, TimeHero automatically builds timesheets separated into projects.

Visibility into workload and capacity

Plan more effectively with TimeHero's automatically-generated workload chart. See who's overloaded, and who's going to need work in the future.

Connect with the tools you already use

The average business uses over 10 apps to get work done. With so many tools, it can be a struggle to get them working in tandem. TimeHero integrates with tools from Google and Microsoft, so your team has a central location to automate and manage work.

TimeHero connects to over 1000 popular applications to capture and schedule tasks using Zapier.

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Perfect for teams who use Slack

Create new tasks in TimeHero directly from any Slack channel or conversation. Nothing gets missed, and TimeHero keeps everyone on track. Learn more about our Slack integration.

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Manage work the smart way.

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