Automatically plan daily tasks, projects, and recurring work.

TimeHero does a lot of things differently than any other software you've tried. Most other task apps are due date driven only. You only know when things are due, but you are left to figure out on your own how and when you'll get everything done. TimeHero not only helps you manage and track everything you and your team need to do, but it also automatically plans when to work on tasks based on availability. If events change, tasks get completed early, or priorities change, TimeHero instantly and automatically adjusts everyones plan.
Smart project management
Automatic task scheduling
Powerful time tracking
Adaptive workflows

Meet TimeHero.

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Meet the new way to plan and manage tasks

AI-powered productivity

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Easily capture work

Get work in fast with integrations, templates, recurring tasks, and natural language text entry.
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Know when to do work

Adaptive planning means you don’t have to constantly adjust your schedule when a meeting is added last minute.
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Conquer Busy

Sleep better knowing TimeHero is working on a plan for you to get it all done.
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Get work done early!

It's not just due's about "do" dates. See instantly if a task changes in risk as it approaches its deadline with little or no time to be rescheduled.
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Manage projects on autopilot

TimeHero shows you when projects are falling behind, and gives you the tools to bring them back on track. Pinpoint risky tasks and overloaded team members in seconds. No check-ins or update meetings required. Reallocate tasks and adjust workflows, so your team never misses a deadline.
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Plan work that comes from apps

The average business uses over 10 apps to get work done. With so many tools, it can be a struggle to get them working in tandem. TimeHero integrates with tools from Google and Microsoft, so your team has a central location to automate and manage work.

TimeHero connects to over 1000 popular applications to capture and schedule tasks using Zapier.
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Focus on what's important

Modernize your workflow.

Autonomous recurring tasks
Self-planning repeating tasks that schedule themselves in a given timeframe.
Smart workflow templates
Reusable templates that feature task and event dependencies. Plan team projects in seconds and ensure processes are followed.
Built-in time tracking
Start a timer from anywhere and multi-task throughout the day. Time is logged when completed, and timesheets get updated.
Automatic risk detection
If tasks get scheduled too close to their due date, you’ll know when to stick to a schedule or when you can be more flexible.
Project forecasting
See how schedules look in the future and make better decisions about reassignments, priorities, and setting realistic estimates.
Capacity & workload
Planning things in advance allows for tracking progress in real-time as tasks are completed.

TimeHero is the work management tool teams use to plan work that gets done!

Whether you're working with a team, with clients, or by yourself, TimeHero has you covered.

For managers

  • Know when things are being worked on, not just when they are due.
  • Require less meetings to update progress.
  • Make better decisions with unmatched insight into your team's time and capacity

For workers

  • TimeHero helps manage time by automatically scheduling the most important tasks at the right times.
  • Effortless time tracking and reporting
  • A daily work management tool that helps everyone stay on track, be more focused and more aware of their time.
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