What is Adaptive Task Planning anyway?

Being an independent and self-motivated person is an amazing thing. You get to make your own hours, be your own boss, choose the projects that you involve yourself in, and go to work everyday knowing you’ll be acting on your passion (and by “go to work”, we might mean “move from the bed to the couch”). Even if you’re in your bunny slippers when you clock in, you still work your butt off to make the best choices for your career and your business.

But in the classic way of the universe, there’s always going to be a little catch. If you’ve been doing the entrepreneurial thing or freelance juggle for a while, I’m sure you’re familiar with the thorns to that particular rose. If you’ve ever found yourself floundering in administrative drudgery, underestimating the amount of time you have, or underselling your services – there’s now a better way. 

TimeHero is what freelancers and self-starters have been needing. It’s your project manager, your personal assistant, (heck, even kind of your doctor) all in one place. TimeHero is your go-to, indispensable, scalable productivity tool that will revolutionize and simplify your day to day.


TimeHero takes care of project management tasks so that you can spend less time planning how you run your life, so you can actually live it. Graphic designers, writers, bakers, developers – you all have task lists that involve duties that don’t involve art, stories, or pies (the “good stuff”). TimeHero can help you minimize the amount of time wasted on administrative time-sucks like delegating tasks, playing email tag, and scheduling to give you back that time for what really matters.


You’ve been in the game long enough to know all the steps of your work process, but never had a tool or project manager to streamline it for you. With TimeHero, you can create lists of all tasks involved for each step of your work process in a Workflow Project. For example, video producers and photographers have the big tasks  like client acquisition, shoot schedules, editing, and final production. But inside of these, there are all the intricate tasks that sometimes get forgotten or left to the last minute. In TimeHero, you monitor exactly what needs to get done in your Workflow Projects. Once you make a Workflow Project Template with your process, you can repeat it for each of your projects and clients. With TimeHero, you’ll never forget those little (but important!) “to dos” like backing up your work or sending a follow up email ever again. You’ll be managing your life and your business with best practices at the forefront.

Customizing these workflows also makes you realize how much time you should actually delegate to each task, so you never underestimate your time and have another “psht, that’ll take, like, 1 hour tops” or “I’ll just fix than in post” moment where you inevitably are up all night, panicking to finish a job. TimeHero makes you honest with yourself about your work process so that you can become more efficient and know the value of your time – and price your amazing services accordingly.


Inevitably, there will be times when you feel like you’ve been swamped. You’ve just landed a new, big client (good for you!) but they need the deliverables by Friday, your other client wants to have a meeting tomorrow, and you’ve got a pile of laundry that makes Everest look like a mole hill. Good thing TimeHero is ultra-smart and can adapt your schedule with whatever you add in. Not only can it adjust your schedule to accommodate new tasks and workflows, it also has a flex factor that tells you how stressful your day is going to look based on the task inputs. Like a buddy that’s part doctor, part fortuneteller, TimeHero is smart enough to see the future and tell you how to can make it go as smoothly as possible.


No project is too big or too small for TimeHero. Need to alert your team of a huge upcoming project and delegate a few hundred tasks? Or just need to pick up milk? Scale your teams and your workflows to suit your needs, all with super-smart functions that make your life and the life of your collaborators easy as pie.

For everything you do, TimeHero has a way to help. Become the more organized, more reliable, more efficient version of yourself that you’ve been daydreaming about. Join to see how TimeHero can help you today.

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