Why TimeHero?

Work is easier with a plan.

There is a big difference between a list and a plan. Compare the effectiveness of a grocery list versus a meal plan. TimeHero makes it easy and automatic to create an adaptive work plan for getting things done.
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How it works

Use TimeHero to plan daily tasks, projects and recurring to-do's.

Connect Calendars

Adaptive planning means tasks plan automatically in the time you have available, and adjusts when things change.

Add tasks and projects

Get work in fast with integrations, templates, recurring tasks, and natural language text entry.

Check your plan

Sleep better knowing TimeHero is working on a plan for you and your team to get it all done.

You need more than just a list

TimeHero’s magic is that it automatically builds an action plan for when to work on what, based on your current availability. If things change, tasks are automatically rescheduled into the future while keeping you aware of the impact and risk level.

Connect your calendar and TimeHero can plan tasks around your meetings and events, so you have an accurate view of what you can get done today.

  • Know exactly what to do next
  • Easily stay focused on goals and objectives
  • Sync your Office 365 or Google calendars

"Proactive" time tracking

With your plan as a guide, start a timer from anywhere. You can even multi-task throughout the day! When done, your time is logged and timesheets updated.

Tasks are planned for you each day in the time you have available.
Use timers to track time throughout the day and even multi-task.
Timesheets compared estimated vs actual and can even include events.
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Smart autonomous recurring tasks

Unlike typical recurring events, our recurring tasks plan themselves within a repeating timeframe. For example, a task that repeats "once a week" will find the best time between Monday and Friday each week. 
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Track and understand workload and capacity

It is easy to see how you and your team are spending their time in the past, present, and even how their time is planned in the future.
  • See where your team is spending their time
  • Know when to schedule new projects
  • Make better decisions
  • Report and forecast timelines

Guest and Reviewer accounts

  • Guest accounts
    A filtered account with just the information from projects you want your guests to see. Hide specific tasks, events and tabs.
  • Status
    Guests see relevant due dates and if tasks are in progress or held up. They also see any events or files you want them to see.
  • Assign guest actions
    Guests clearly see what they're required to do, and if it might be holding up the project. They can complete tasks, send messages and upload files.
Asana sync

Plan work assigned from Asana

  • Anything assigned to you gets synced to TimeHero
  • Add time estimates to schedule tasks
  • Start dates and due dates are inherited
  • Complete tasks in either app

Connect with the apps you use daily.

TimeHero works has several native integrations and works with Zapier to connect with over 1500 of the most popular apps you use everyday.
  • Schedule a task when you star an email in Gmail
  • Plan an entire project of tasks when a lead changes status in Pipedrive
  • Gmail add-on for adding tasks inside Gmail
  • Native Slack integration
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and many more!

Plan tasks from emails without leaving Gmail

For a lot of us, work comes from email. Now you can easily create and schedule tasks in TimeHero from inside Gmail or G Suite.
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The smartest way to plan work!

Capture work

Capture everything you do from everywhere you do it.  Quickly add daily tasks and plan projects, plus connect other apps to do even more.

Schedule intelligently

Whether you choose to let TimeHero plan your tasks or do it manually, you'll plan your time better than ever before.

Conquer busy

Finally get control of your time, tame the chaos and sleep at night knowing theres a plan for how you'll get it all done.
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