What makes TimeHero different?

Automatic task planning
Tasks schedule themselves around your availability and reschedule if you don't get them done.

Automatic Risk Detection
TimeHero makes it easy to visualize risk as tasks change color when they near their due dates.

Smart Project Planning
Tasks can be linked with scheduling dependencies so they adjust automatically to change.

The easiest way to plan your work

Built for speed

TimeHero isn't just for projects. Everyone has things to do that just don't fit in a project and still need to get done. It's the fastest way to get tasks from your head to your calendar in one step. Inbox tasks get planned along side project tasks automatically based on priority.

Working with others?  Easily assign tasks to others without needing a project. Tasks get instantly planned and easily tracked. No more wondering if things will get done.

TimeHero integrates with G Suite, Google Calendar, Outlook, Exchange and Office 365

Smart task scheduling

The endless struggle to find time to work is over! Add events (or connect your Google and Microsoft calendars) and TimeHero will plan tasks when you have time. So you don't waste another Sunday finishing last week's report.

Build custom templates that work like you do

Create powerful projects you and your team can launch over and over again. Link tasks and events to create dynamic workflows. Build templates and use them to instantly schedule regular projects, like client work or processing applications.

Coming soon: set up repeating projects to save even more time!

TimeHero integrates with G Suite, Google Calendar, Outlook, Exchange and Office 365

Dynamic rescheduling that reacts to change

TimeHero automatically reschedules your task plan when new calendar events or tasks enter your workload. Risk is updated instantly indicating there's not much time to finish before a deadline. So you’re always on top of what's most important and everything stays on track.

"I love that I just create all the tasks and TimeHero makes sure my team executes them."

Put projects on autopilot

TimeHero shows you when projects are falling behind, and gives you the tools to bring them back on track. Pinpoint risky tasks and overloaded team members in seconds. No check-ins or update meetings required. Reallocate tasks and adjust workflows, so your team never misses a deadline!

Collaborate with others

Have meaniful conversations, upload files and track activity on tasks in context. TimeHero provides an optimized list of tasks to complete every day. As your team takes on more projects, TimeHero automatically updates their daily task lists so everyone works on what's most important.

TimeHero integrates with G Suite, Google Calendar, Outlook, Exchange and Office 365

Gain visibility. Adjust workflows. Export results.

Forecasted burndown

Visualize progress and be fully aware of projects at risk before they become overdue.

Smart kanban

View your projects as cards on a board, and drag them to change status, assignee, and more.

Flexible timelines

When schedules change, TimeHero shuffles tasks to keep everything on track.

Live Gantt view

Real time, auto-updating Gantt charts showing project progress and task dependencies.

Automatic timesheets

Automatically generated timesheets for people, projects, and folders – exportable with one click.

Easy team planning

Gain visibility into your teams' workflow for full task transparency and workload capacity.

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