How to schedule tasks from Gmail

Meet our new Gmail Add-On

If you are Gmail or G Suite user, scheduling or assigning tasks from emails got even easier and faster. TimeHero’s new add-on makes sure you stay on top of all of your daily tasks.

Work comes from many places and even with the advent of tools like Slack, Zoom, and Hangouts, email still creates a healthy percentage for many of us. This work gets often lost as there hasn’t been a good way to transfer the work in a way that gets done in a timely manner.  Emails tasks are usually an ask from a 3rd party, business partner or co-worker that needs something with usually a hard or implied deadline associated with the ask. We as workers usually are left to have to write down the task on a piece of paper, delegate by forwarding or do it right away. 

Consider some of these Typical emails we get regularly which we often don’t consider tasks and they just don’t get done.

  • “Can you get me those numbers by end of day tomorrow?”
  • “Early bird conference registration apply by June 15”

There are also things to do related to an email that is related but indirect such as booking a hotel or writing the email itself.

Step 1: Click on any email

Now with the Gmail add-on installed, you simply click on any email and have it scheduled in TimeHero in seconds.

Change or leave the estimate: The default estimate is 15 minutes, which is a good start for the typical time to write and respond to a task from an email. This is likely something you want to change first and it’s also easy to do so.

Add a due date: Providing a due date will help TimeHero prioritize your task along with others in your schedule. More urgent tasks will attempt to be scheduled before less urgent ones.

Step 2: See your task in TimeHero

When you come back to TimeHero to see what you have to do today, you'll see the task waiting in your inbox (if you didn't specify a project) with a Gmail icon as the source.

Read instructions of how to install and use the Gmail Add-On.

Get the add-on here.

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