Seven productivity hacks to use alongside TimeHero

Finding ways to maximize productivity is always on any professionals mind. It is a common resolution for many, while for some they just want to find tips to stay on top of tasks while lowering their stress. Here are seven tips to help you become more productive.

1. Control your calendar

It is so beneficial to control your own schedule. Some people may view empty space as opportunities to schedule meetings when they might have intended to get other tasks done.

With TimeHero you can block out those meetings and even link your Google and Ical calendars, so that you have full control over your schedule. Start planning out your tasks and focus on the right things day to day. This way you are not derailed when another co-worker asks you to complete something else or attend another meeting. Take back control with how your schedule looks.

2. Tackle must dos first

For many people they forgo major projects in favor of the simpler more straightforward tasks. However, this can leave you stressed and scrambling to complete those important tasks on time.

To help break that cycle, start with all the important and pressing projects or tasks first. TimeHero can give you a hand in breaking those bad habits. TimeHero will automate your schedule for you based on the priority level to get it done and its due date. This way you can focus on what is a higher priority and complete all your projects on time. TimeHero saves you time by showing you what you need to get done, so you can focus on doing it and less time thinking about what it is you actually should be working on.

3. Do the smaller tasks next

After handling the must dos, start tackling some of the smaller, quicker tasks. Or if you have a larger task that needs to get done, try breaking it up into much smaller pieces. By doing this it makes your task feel more manageable and you can get more checked off in a day, which is very rewarding. You will save yourself the added stress in the end.

4. Get yourself in the grove

Group similar tasks together. It is only human nature to work quickly on things that are on the same wavelength as one another. This gets you more focused and helps you get more completed. When you get yourself into a grove you begin working more efficiently.

TimeHero can help you organize your tasks in this manor, by either pinning all your like tasks to that day, so you can stay in your grove. Or you can also link tasks within a template, so that you complete the next task immediately after the one before and so on. Do what you know you will work well on and keep that trend.

5. Embrace Automation

There are so many tools these days to help you with your tasks. Look into automating emails and deliveries. TimeHero automates your tasks for you, so you don’t have to think about it, only just complete it. No more wondering what’s next. If there is a task you can automate, look into it because it can shrink your to-do list and overall save you time in your day.

6. Use Templates

If you are constantly working on the same projects with the same tasks, consider making a template. TimeHero lets you custom build templates or has free sample ones you can use, so you can save time. You will thank yourself later when you don't have to worry about retyping the same things out over and over.

7. Don’t fixate on the start

When you begin a project it can be common to always want to start at the beginning, but for some people the beginning is the most difficult part. So why not skip to the middle of the project or even to the end. This will save you stress. Don’t fixate on a task if it isn't working, move on to the next.

That is the great thing about TimeHero, nothing is ever scheduled to tackle at a fixed time. It shows you what you should complete for the day, but if you feel better starting on something that is not located at the top of your day, that is perfectly okay. Do what works for you.

Overall, remember to check in with yourself at least once a week. In order to be productive you need to be feeling happy and healthy. It is important you do not neglect yourself in hopes to get more done. Take time for what makes you happy and address any negative feelings you may have if any.   

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