Smart Recurring tasks

Automate the planning of things you do all the time. From tasks that need to be done on specific days to ones that need to be planned early so they finish on time.

Easily plan weekly tasks around other work

TimeHero offers a unique way to plan repeating work. By selecting ‘Once a Week’, TimeHero will attempt to schedule tasks as early as possible before your specified due date. This allows you to be flexible with your time without being overwhelmed. Every option is customizable so you can set a due date and start date that makes sense for you.
Gain new insight into how much time you actually have after considering all the regular things you do.

Flexible monthly planning

Everyone can think of monthly things they need done. Timesheets, reports, pay bills, rent – you get the idea. TimeHero makes this super simple with truly flexible monthly planning. The default option assumes you have something due at the end of the month but could be done anytime before.

As you get busy the task will automatically reschedule to another day that's less busy, ensuring things get done on time every-time. Easily customize monthly planning to control exactly when TimeHero plans the task within each month.
Plan monthly and weekly repeating tasks together! TimeHero takes care of building your plan.

Repeat on specific dates

The flexibility to handle anything you do over and over without ever losing track. You can choose to set recurring tasks to continue to reschedule if they don't get done or to expire after their due date so they don't stack up.
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