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2-way sync with Asana

Our new connector allows you to import and sync assigned tasks in TimeHero.

Connect Calendars

Add your work and/or personal calendars, and decide which events block availability.

Estimate and Plan

Add time estimates for each task and watch TimeHero plan instantly.

Sync assigned tasks from Asana

2-way sync means tasks assigned to you show up in TimeHero for you to add work estimates and manage timelines. When TimeHero says it's time to work on the task, open it in Asana to view more information, download files or collaborate with others. Complete tasks or modify timelines in either app!

Project and task timelines help determine how tasks are scheduled in TimeHero.
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Manage your time and complete tasks early

TimeHero helps you manage your time more effectively and answer the question "What should I work on today?"

Plan work manually or automatically

Tasks plan in the time you have available and according to each task's priority and timeline. But you can also take control whenever you want. Pin tasks to the days you want to work on them. Unpin to let TimeHero's advanced AI takeover again and find the best day. 

If you don't complete a task today, TimeHero will automatically reschedule it so nothing is lost.

Proactive insights to keep you on track

TimeHero uniquely calculates risk based on how long the task is and how much time you have to complete before the deadline. Because we schedule things as early as possible, you'll know in a advance if you should stick to the plan or if things are a little more flexible.
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Advanced time management

Automatic risk detection
If tasks get scheduled too close to their due date, you’ll know when to stick to a schedule or when you can be more flexible.
Link tasks together
Create scheduling dependencies that help schedule tasks in the right order.
Built-in Time Tracking
Start a timer from anywhere and multi-task throughout the day. Upgrade for automated timesheets.

Schedule your Asana tasks for only $5/mo

Our Basic plan allows for simple to-do list scheduling in TimeHero and also includes the Asana connector for a limited time only.
  • Google and Office 365 events
  • Automatic scheduling
  • Asana Sync
  • Task inbox
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Free 7 day trial  •  No credit card required
per user, per month
Try Basic
Free 7 day trial  •  No credit card required