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Work comes from everywhere. Schedule tasks without leaving Slack.
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Streamline your workflow

Collaborate. Plan. Track.

  • Turn messages into action

    Create new task using the “create task” dialog to quickly get work into TimeHero, where it can be assigned, scheduled, and completed.
    HOW TO: Use the /timehero create command to open a popup to easily enter task details, or use the “more actions” option by clicking the "..." button beside a message and selecting Create Task
  • Hit more goals by planning

    When someone asks you to do something in Slack it often gets lost and context is forgotten quickly. More importantly you may do the work and forget to log it. TimeHero makes it fast and easy to turn an "ask" into a scheduled task, prioritized automatically with your other work and instantly in your schedule!
  • Assign work to others

    Collaboration moves fast in Slack. With TimeHero, you automatically follow tasks that you assigned to others. It's easy to see if things are on track and take action if they are not.