About us

We built TimeHero to help you live a better life.

Our story

When it comes down to it, you need three things to do really good work:

  • A solid plan that’s kept up to date as you go
  • The ability to know what’s at risk so that you can keep everything on track
  • Reports that let you know how you’re doing, and where you can improve

Don’t get us wrong, there’s plenty of tools out there that do these things. But TimeHero is the only one that automates this process. How?

We take everything you and your team have to do, and plan it out for you.

So we know if you’re at risk of missing deadlines and can let you know exactly where you need to focus attention to keep your work on track.

Time tracking becomes automated when you stick to the plan and let TimeHero manage work for you. And we’ll keep track of whether you went over time or under, so you have a better idea of how much time things take in the future.

Our office

We dress pretty casually, we’re inclusive, open-minded, and humorous. We’ve got standing desks. There's a great café in our building. And we have a really big couch.

Our office is on the top floor of a heritage building, with wooden floors and exposed brick walls. Our boardroom table is made from an old bowling alley.

Wednesdays are grilled cheese days. We have drinks Friday afternoon. Our fridge has a drawer full of chocolate.

This one time we went to a local pub and threw axes at targets. That was pretty cool.

Work with us

Our management team

Bernie Aho

Co-founder & CEO

With over 18 years leading product and design teams, he is the driving force behind the look and feel of TimeHero, and provides business insight, strategy and leadership across all teams. An avid photographer, designer, and gamer, Bernie previously co-founded ConceptShare, an award winning cloud based annotation and marketing review tool that quickly became a leader in Creative Operations management.

Sarah Paajanen

Co-founder & CTO

Sarah has over 10 years experience developing and architecting software products. She earned her HBMath degree from from the University of Waterloo with specializations in computer science, pure math and applied math. Sarah previously worked as a project manager and technical lead for various software companies before co-founding TimeHero.

Scott Brooks

Co-founder & CPO

TimeHero's tireless evangelist and conduit for the customer into the product, Scott is TimeHero’s CPO. Most recently, Scott has worked at FreshBooks and is an innovator who strives to find people, opportunities and environments that stimulate creativity and lead to new ideas. TimeHero is his second startup.

Lisa Aho


Lisa is our diligent CFO/COO. She has handled all things money since the beginning of TimeHero, ensuring budgeting, projections, investment and funding are all taken care of while also handling operations and jumping on teams to help wherever she may be needed. She is a critical contributor in terms of strategy, always providing key input in regards to revenue and key indicators. In her life previous to TimeHero, Lisa was a Certified Financial Planner with over 16 years experience in the financial industry.

Alex McCulloch


Alex McCulloch has worked with multiple start-ups in the past in a variety of business development roles. He actively invests and advises for his portfolio companies, while taking a role here at TimeHero as Head of Growth.

Brendan Shand

Product and Growth Manager

Brendan graduated with a Bachelor of Business Management from the University of Queensland. His background spans IT, marketing, events, and business development. Brendan also brings his passion for tech, UX, and puns to the TimeHero team.

Steve Fisher


Steve is a Graphic Design graduate with strong design knowledge and front-end development skills. He is TimeHero’s Front-end Developer and is responsible for creating and designing user interfaces and developing the look-and-feel of TimeHero.

Nicho Mercier


Nicho is currently studying for his Bachelor of Computer Science. He is passionate about a broad range of computer science, but has picked up mobile development as his primary focus. His hobbies include playing games, soccer, and trying new beers (IPAs are his favourite).


Director of Happiness

Meesha has a background in being a very good girl, and graduated with a high dog-stinction from the Pupperversity of Dognology. At TimeHero, Meesha strictly enforces her happiness protocols and keeps everyone heckin' motivated. 13/10 very pupfessional.