Two keys to convert leads and grow your agency’s revenue like a SaaS company

Are you looking for ways to boost lead conversion? Do you want to increase revenue growth of your agency by large multiples? Of course! Who doesn’t? But with clients coming in from all corners of the globe, how can you achieve this? It’s time to put to bed traditional business ideologies and start thinking like a SaaS company!

SaaS, software-as-a-service, is a new business model in which software is licensed on a subscription/membership basis. (Think Netflix!) Users pay a monthly or annual fee to have access to a software. Since the product is online based, SaaS companies aren’t constrained to local markets. So how do they convert leads and grow revenue from an international client base? Well, it all comes down to the two T’s: Transparency & Trust.

Provide pricing and product transparency

SaaS businesses have always done this very well and we’re seeing more and more agencies adopting transparent pricing on their site alongside feature and service packages. It’s not the easiest thing in the world to conduct with an industry that predominantly charges by the hour but we’ll explain exactly what it is and why it’s beneficial to incorporate as you scale.

Packages and pricing

SAAS companies are incredibly good at packaging their offerings and charging based on what you receive as a customer. Agencies inherently create websites with a “Services” type section which outlines some the work they conduct from SEO to social media management to website design. This is fine but the question the customer really wants an answer to is “what services do I need and how much is it going to cost me?” We’ve seen some great agencies begin to answer this question right on their website by outlining packages of work and providing set pricing. Full transparency is the key here. Creating clear, genuine packages will make a huge difference to potential customers when they’re comparing agencies.

Check out Redstamp or agencia macro — 2 marketing agencies with great pricing and package transparency.

Spend time with leads that convert

One of the core benefits to having packages and pricing on your website is how much time it’s now going to save your team. How many times has a lead contacted you with an inquire about working together, you email back and forth or talk on the phone for hours about what services they’re looking for, everything sounds great. You get back to them with a price a day later and… crickets. You’ve now just wasted a ton of time with a lead that never had the budget to become your customer. You thought this happened before, when you weren’t reaching out to a new, larger audience? As you start bringing hundreds if not thousands of people to your site the amount of inquiries are going to cost you a lot of money in order to attend to. With transparent packages and pricing on your site the customers already have an idea of what they’re looking for and how much it’s going to cost before they inquire further. This generates qualified leads, which will not only save you time on the sales process but also make sure you’re spending time on the right leads.

Don’t be shy. Build trust!

Given that your new marketing is geared toward generating leads from your new, larger target audience it’s time to enhance and optimize your website for the masses. Action speaks louder than words!

Profile your work

Customers nowadays are intelligent and they are not convinced by just going through wordy description and self praises about your company. You may have a 500-word description of your principles, ethics, features, and offerings. The description may state that you have undertaken premium projects, served top-notch quality companies but nobody will believe it until you produce a solid evidence to complement the description.

The best way to prove the authenticity of your agency is by showcasing your portfolio of work on your site. Upload your latest and best work on the website with brief case studies. Case studies will tell the readers what work you put in to make the project successful.

Showcase social proof

Winning the trust of potential customers is imperative as they compare your agency to others to showcase reviews and testimonials in order to attain social proof. In the present scenario, buyers go through user ratings and reviews before purchasing any product or hiring any agency. Customers’ reviews and testimonials are considered credible as they are posted by real customers who actually used your services. So, they can provide ample of information about your company, its services, virtues, and shortcomings. The customers are not your team members so it is believed that they’ll post unbiased reviews. Thus, they are treated as trusted voice by the buyers.

You’ll get new customers as your old customers praise your agency and its services. However, simple reviews like “Great work and would use the services again” are not that helpful to win global buyers. The international buyers cannot meet you in your office and have a face-to-face discussion. So, they’ll be interested in knowing how good your company is in communicating and understanding the needs of the customers. For them, reviews like “amazing communication”, “they followed everything they said they were going to do” and “they understood our requirements and delivered on time”, will serve beneficial.

Do social media right

Social media is nothing new but we find most agencies are missing the right type of content to post in order to actually build trust. Putting pictures of coffee mugs and some random work you’ve done is not enough to make customers put their trust in you. Your account should include interesting and compelling content about your company and staff. For this, you can post stuff like your teams’ hobbies, experience,Travels, and their role in your company. Getting to know your team will make the customers bestow more trust in you. This will foster a relationship between your agency and the customers. It will also provide a long-distance lead as the customers will choose you with peace of mind that they are dealing with a real and vivacious team that they know.

Now you know what to do, let’s get to work

As you can see, providing transparency and building trust is a lot of work. In reality, converting leads and growing revenue are projects that require setting workflows, assigning tasks, selecting due dates, inputting priorities, and so on. It’s a lot to handle. But we’re here to make things easier…

Be the hero of your team…without the skin-tight spandex

TimeHero is task management app that helps teams capture work, automate workflows and manage projects. Timehero automatically optimizes your team’s time, so you’ll never miss a deadline. The platform plans your activities in such a way that it finds time in the busy schedule.

For an organization to function efficaciously, three things are needed:

· A perfect plan that is updated according to situations

· The ability to predict risk and keep a track of everything

· Reports that depicts the progress of the work, its advantages and shortcomings so that it can be improvised

TimeHero is an automation tool that takes care of all these three processes efficaciously by employing artificial intelligence. You just need to supply details about your team and TimeHero will plan everything for you. The tasks are planned around the schedules of the team and it is updated in real-time. The automated scheduling algorithms plan your entire project and create a blueprint of the project outlining the timeline for each task. This tool tracks your progress and, it even tells you about the areas to focus on when there are chances of missing the deadline. It tells you when to work on a particular task.

Ready to convert leads and grow revenue by building transparency and trust? Great! Let’s get to work. Try TimeHero for free and start working smarter, not harder.

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