A productivity tool that’s as dynamic as you

We at TimeHero know that time is by far the most valuable asset you have in this world. The difference between you and your full potential is making the most of this precious commodity – that’s why we strive to make managing it easier than ever. We’ve done away with traditional schedules, vague guess-timating, and static calendars of approximations. The future is now, folks! We’ve included tons of utilities in TimeHero to make sure you get the most out of your time.


If you’re looking into productivity tools, we can tell you’re the kind of person who wears many hats. Sometimes, balancing your time between your career, your personal life, side projects, and your book club can start to turn your schedule into a mash up. (And no offense, but we’d rather you leave the mash ups to Girl Talk and the organizing to TimeHero!) You can easily separate your personal tasks, work duties, family schedule, and clubs into their own teams so that you can realistically and clearly see your schedule at a glance, and share with the right people.


Collaborative work can be just as complex as it is rewarding. Make sure you’ve got a well-oiled team-machine with TimeHero folders. You can project manage your organization by including all the little, intricate steps that lead up to the big deadline. When everyone knows all the tasks it’ll take to make a project a success, there’s no chance of miscommunication, no lost memos, no man left behind, no woman no cry.


Whether you’re getting the team on board for a huge presentation or organizing the annual Thanksgiving family potluck, sharing and delegating tasks has never been so effortless. When you make a Project Workflow all tasks, deadlines, and important details are shared with your team. Better yet, you can even see who in your team has a more open schedule, and then delegate a task to them. If you’re buried under a pile of tasks, but see that Bob has some spare time to help out, delegate a task to him to lighten the load. Your team will thank you when you haven’t burned the candle from both proverbial ends. Teamwork for the win!


Repetitive tasks no longer have to feel like a vague rigamarole anymore. Maximize your efficiency by making automated project workflow templates. Let’s say you have a protocol for acquiring new clients – list every task you need to do to complete the process (don’t forget to include the tasks you should do every time, but sometimes ignore!) to make sure you’re using best practices each and every time you trigger that workflow. This utility will make you more accountable, reliable, and organized (it may even make you more fabulous, but we’re still testing those metrics).

Motivational speaker Jim Rohn once said that “either you run the day, or the day runs you”. Use these tips to manage the dynamics of your life. We’d love to see how TimeHero is helping you run your day, your team, and your life with ease.

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