TimeHero: The first task management app to bring artificial Intelligence to your work day

TimeHero is the first productivity tool to bring artificial intelligence to your everyday work life. It acts like a personal assistant, automatically scheduling your tasks around your appointments, meetings, and events. As a result, you simply get to focus on getting your work done. That’s it! No more planning! No more umming and ahhing on what to do next! Just the sweet serenity of getting next friday’s report done on time!

TimeHero also helps teams manage projects and work together. It provides full visibility for team leaders, and allows team members to collaborate with ease. Teams can easily track and predict project progress, so nothing falls through the cracks.

After an extensive review by, TimeHero was awarded both Great User Experience Award for 2018 and the Rising Star Award for 2018. The Great User Experience award is a credit to TimeHero’s product team, whom have spent countless hours creating a task management application unlike any other. The award is given to software solutions that offer a profoundly pleasing experience in facilitating one’s work processes. TimeHero enables employees to spend less time scheduling and planning, and more time actually getting work done. Simply put, TimeHero delivers an easy to use tool that lets you finish more tasks with less stress.

Below are a few highlights from the review:

  1. An “intelligent” task scheduler, TimeHero helps you beat deadlines without overworking employees by automatically shuffling the timeline to display new tasks. This enables employees to adjust accordingly to the work pace and deliver the project on time.
  2. With TimeHero, businesses no longer have to create new project schedules from scratch. Templates can be used so you can create new project schedules “in a matter of seconds.”
  3. You don’t have to be in the dark regarding your team’s current progress on tasks thanks to our forecasting tool. “How long would it take your team to finish projects in their current state? This and similar questions can be answered by TimeHero,” stated FinancesOnline.

TimeHero was placed in top task management software and was marked with FinancesOnline’s Verified Quality seal, indicating that the platform is a reliable brand that companies can trust.

So, what are you waiting for? Sign up for TimeHero today! And spend less time planning what you’re going to do, and more time doing it!

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