TimeHero + Zapier

We’re happy to announce our TimeHero/Zapier integration is ready for public use!

We all work better when everything works together right? As of today you can now connect TimeHero to hundreds of other apps that you use to help automate your workflow. Pretty sweet right? There’s a pretty good chance you’ve heard of Zapier, the tool that helps you integrate pretty much all of the tools you use to make things work better. Well we’re pretty excited to be introducing our first iteration of our Zapier Integration!

If you aren’t familiar with Zapier, it’s a tool that helps you to connect web services (like TimeHero) with other web services (Slack, Salesforce, Facebook, Gmail, more…) to allow for thousands of possible integrations. Current count is now over 750+ applications in their library.

Here’s an example of some of the things you can do starting today.


Create a project — Creates a new project and can be based on a templateCreate a task — Creates a task in an existing project


New task — Triggers when a new task is create in TimeHeroFolders — Search a folder

Templates — Finds a template

Some of our favorite Zaps

There are hundreds of ways you can use Zapier and TimeHero so instead of sharing a huge list with you, we’re going to tell you a few of our favourite ways.

Create a new TimeHero task from a new lead in your CRM

We use Prosperworks as our CRM, so I’ll use that as our example. Whenever a new lead is added to Prosperworks a task to follow up is automatically created in TimeHero so we never miss a lead.

Create tasks in TimeHero when someone subscribes through Mailchimp

It isn’t a horrible idea to follow up with new subscribers on your mailing list so why not set up a zap for that? Whenever someone subscribes to your list a task will be added to TimeHero to follow up with them.

Create tasks in TimeHero from new issues in JIRA.

If you are part of a development team chances are you use JIRA for your support tickets. But how do you schedule those tickets? Good question right? JIRA Is great for tracking issues and creating tasks but if you connect JIRA to TimeHero, we’ll take those issues, turn them into tasks, give them a duration and schedule them for you.

Turn emails you receive in Gmail into TimeHero tasks

How many times a day do you get an email that turns into a task, or five? Probably multiple times. We want to help you get those tasks out of your inbox and make sure none of them are falling through the cracks. Set up this zap and Zapier will automatically create tasks in TimeHero from labelled or starred emails in your Gmail. And because this is what we do — we’ll automatically schedule those tasks for you so you don’t have to think about them again until they show up in your schedule. BAM. Time. Saved.

Send a Slack message whenever a new task is added to a project in TimeHero

Notify your team in Slack whenever a task is added to specific projects so everyone is on the same page all of the time. You can set the message to be the task name so that they know what was added and when.

As I mentioned earlier, this is our first iteration of our Zapier integration and we’re really excited to see what Zaps quickly become your favourite. Let us know if you have any suggestions for what triggers or actions you want to see next!

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