Built-in timer

Start a time from anywhere including mobile, desktop or web. Use your daily plan as a guide and quick access point to start and pause timers while multi-tasking throughout the day. Simply log and complete when the task is finished with accurate logging.

  • Works on desktop, web and mobile
  • Multi-task by pausing and starting timers throughout the day
  • Log partial time

Effortless time tracking

  • Log actual vs estimated
    Estimates help plan tasks in TimeHero but tasks sometimes take less or more time than what was estimated. When you complete a task you can enter how much time it actually took while preserving the original estimate.
  • Track partial work
    If you did work but need more time to finish, that's no problem. Say the task isn't complete then add how much time you need to finish later and TimeHero will schedule that for you, respecting any due dates or priorities.
  • Add Log notes
    Optionally add notes when you log work to remember or record important context on what you did or why a task isn't done yet.

Automatic Timesheets

TimeHero can plan work in advance so timesheets are always available. As you or . your team complete work, the actual time is updated and compared against the original estimate without you having to do anything. This works for partially completed tasks as well.
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