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The most powerful way to manage projects, optimize your ‍‍‍time and crush deadlines.

The average business uses between 10-16 apps on a daily basis. From apps tha‍‍‍t optimize team communication to those that find the best spot for lunch on a Tuesday – your business can't live without them.  Tools are awesome! Yet, it's a struggle to keep track of them, and, ultimately, work will get lost or forgotten.

TimeHero is the only tool that can automatically schedule work your team has to complete. W‍‍‍hether it's a project deployed internally or a set of issues coming from Jira, TimeHero is where your teams workflow lives.

Using TimeHero's integration with Zapier you'll be able to set up "Zaps" to send information from your other tools into TimeHero as tasks. For example, let's say you star an email in your gmail account. Zapier will‍‍‍ automatically create a task in your TimeHero calendar!

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TimeHero integrates with G Suite, Google Calendar, Outlook, Exchange and Office 365

Tutorial: Create your first Zap!

Connecting TimeHero to your other tools through Zapier is easy and quick. With ‍‍‍over 1,000 web apps available including Gmail, Slack, Sales force and Jira theres a way for every business to improve their workflow. Just follow the video to learn how you can start building automated workflows in Timehero using our "Zap"!

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