Six techniques for boosting team efficiency and productivity

It seems there’s always work to do and so little time to finish it. However, not meeting deadlines can cause tasks to pile up, people become anxious, and their productivity is reduced further, which doesn’t work for anyone. As a business leader or manager, you have probably learned to plan and streamline your work. However, you need to help your team do the same. If you don’t know how, here are a few techniques for motivating your employees to work more productively and keep them from burning out.

  1. Define Job Roles and Tasks

Meet your team members and talk about the expectations and priorities for their roles in one-to-one meetings. Start by describing the top three high-priority tasks they should focus on, estimate the time you think they should devote to those tasks, and talk about the quality of work you’re expecting. After explaining them the goal you’re trying to achieve, give them the freedom to work in the way they find best.

  1. Training

Your employees’ skills define their productivity. Train them so they can gain knowledge about what is new in their respective fields and what they should know to handle their tasks better. They can participate in webinars, conferences, or training programs. If you want to be the leader of a winning team, you should invest in quality training programs.

  1. Use All the Available Technology

The tech advancements of the past decade or two have made it easier for us to complete more work in less time. Don’t be afraid of new software, devices, and trends, but embrace them. Take advantage of apps for better smart task scheduling, social media automation, project management, communication between team members, etc. Also, there’s no reason not to allow them to bring their own devices and use them for work purposes.

  1. Listen and Communicate

Don’t be that boss that talks and doesn’t listen. Nurture two-way communication and try to understand your employees’ needs. Otherwise, they may feel sidelined which will kill their motivation and cause their productivity and efficiency to drop down. Listen to their ideas, give direct and constructive feedback, and be the real guiding force that stands behind the whole team, supporting it in any way.

  1. Financial Stimulus

People seek jobs to get paid, among other things. So, the link between work employees production for regular payment doesn’t pertain to the laws of cause and effect, because other things come into play. In case your employees’ efficiency dwindles, giving them some financial incentives can motivate them to work better, thus increasing their performance.

  1. Team Building

Team members need to get along so they can work productively and efficiently as a whole. Because relationships between them are the backbone of your team, you should get them involved in activities that would strengthen their interpersonal relationships. Go to a basketball game together, spend an afternoon on a paintball shooting spot, or grab a beer after work. It will help build a winning team.  

Be the one who inspires. Take time to listen to your employees, invest in their training, and keep their motivation at a high level through team building and financial incentives. Equip them with the latest technology and provide sincere and constructive feedback whenever they don’t manage to meet the work expectations you’ve set for them. Productivity is a complex process, but you’ll be able to boost your team’s performance with these six techniques.

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