Marketing teams work better with TimeHero

From managing marketing campaigns to finding time for those last minute meetings, TimeHero is the easiest way for marketers to stay on top of all of their work and ensure that no task is missed. Marketing teams can get out of their inbox by leveraging TimeHero's collaboration tools to keep everything in one place.

Reacts to changes in real-time: Things change quickly and TimeHero reacts to these changes, automatically rescheduling tasks when new meetings pop up.

Seamless team collaboration: Always be aware of what your team is working on and keep collaboration focused around the work being done. With TimeHero, you can assign tasks to team members for actionable and accountable work, upload files, and comment on tasks - keeping the collaboration in one place.

Better time awareness: TimeHero will help keep you on track and let you know in real-time if your project is at risk of missing it’s deadline before it’s too late.

Powerful Features for Marketing Teams:

Workflow Project Templates: Marketing teams often have anywhere from 10 to 200 projects on to go. Most of these projects follow a repeatable process - this is where TimeHero’s workflow project templates come in. Workflow project templates are a series of linked, scheduled, smart tasks. Create a workflow project template once and launch it with one click of a button every time you use that process.

Team Collaboration: Managing a team takes time and TimeHero has some great tools to help enhance team collaboration. Assign and delegate tasks from your workflows or projects, comment on tasks, attach files and track status using custom columns. Always know when tasks are being worked on and who has the capacity to take on more work.

Project Forecast: TimeHero gives you a real-time forecast of what to work on when - not just when projects are due. The project forecast factors in vacations, meetings, appointments, work hours, task dependencies, priorities and more to provide early warning for overdue projects. Proactively adjust resources to get things back on track and save time and money on missed deadlines.

Getting started is pretty easy, either create a project or a workflow project template. If you use the same process for all of your marketing campaigns, I suggest creating a workflow project template.

Set up your workflow project template:

• Select the team you want to create your workflow template for.


• In the right side, select CREATE TEMPLATE.

• Start adding your tasks, bookings tasks and events. 

You can find out more about how workflow project templates work in this blog post, or sign up for TimeHero and try it out for yourself.

If your campaign changes and you aren’t using the same process every time, you can set up folders and projects for your marketing campaigns. These are useful if your tasks don’t need dependencies.

Using projects and folders:
Working with your marketing team:

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