Import CSV files into TimeHero

Looking to get started quickly with TimeHero, and have a list of tasks you’re looking to import? Using Zapier, you can import a list of tasks to TimeHero in just minutes. Here’s how:

Create a Zapier account (if you haven’t already)

This step should be obvious — at the time of writing, Zapier offers a free plan. If this isn’t enough for your needs, you could always purchase a Zapier monthly subscription to fit your needs. See https://zapier.com/pricing/for more details.

Create a spreadsheet in Google Sheets

If you don’t have a Google account, create one first (it’s free). Go to https://sheets.google.com and create a new spreadsheet.

You can find a sample template here (via Google Sheets). You can also create your own.

Your template should have four columns:

Task name (required)Work estimate (optional)Due date offset from today (optional)Description (optional)

Anything under “Task name” will need to be in plain text. “Work estimate” is how long you think each task will take, in minutes (e.g. 60). “Due date offset from today” will set the due date of the task in TimeHero — this field needs to be whole numbers, and is calculated in days (e.g. 7 will set the due date to one week from today). “Description” needs to be in plain text, and will get added to the description field of the task in TimeHero.

We strongly recommend that you convert your tasks to a format that matches the name, work estimate, due date, and description fields above. This will help TimeHero plan all of your tasks automatically, and ensure you get up and running as fast as possible. If you’re using the template linked above, copy your data into the ‘Draft’ worksheet, make sure it’s all good, then in the step below you’ll copy it into the ‘Final’ worksheet — do not copy it yet!

If you’re having trouble getting your data into the right format, contact us or send us a chat message via the icon at the bottom right of your screen.

Create a project in TimeHero

In TimeHero, create a project for where you want your imported tasks to be created.

Set up a Zap

In Zapier, create a new zap:

For the trigger, select Google Sheets, New or Updated Spreadsheet rowIf you’re using the template, select it, then choose the “Final” worksheetFor the zap action, choose TimeHero, and ‘Create task’Match the columns of the worksheet to the template for the taskTest it to make sure the task gets created properlyWhen you’re ready, copy your tasks to the worksheet you chose in step 2 and either wait for the 15 minute refresh or run your zap manually from your dashboardYour tasks should appear in TimeHero!

As always, if you have any questions or need help, let us know!

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